When we are young it’s understandable that superannuation is not high on our priority list. As we come closer to the end of our working life and look to the future for a simpler way of life our super becomes higher on our agenda. Investment is generally a long term strategy and 99 times of 100 there are no get rich quick schemes. One way to ensure that you have enough to retire on is to make decisions now that will affect you retirement in years to come. Ask your Property Partners client liaison about a referral to a qualified, independent and professional financial adviser who can help you put together a strategy which will ensure that your superannuation will work as hard as it possibly can.

What are the benefits of saving through super?

There are certain advantages to using the superannuation environment to accumulate savings. For example any pre-tax dollars which are contributed to your SMSF or personal superannuation account are taxed at a rate of 15% as opposed to your marginal tax rate. Additionally any money which is accumulated while inside super is tax at the same 15% rate no matter what dividend paid.

Why is super becoming more important?

Superannuation and passive income streams are are the key to financial independence when we reach the end of our working life. Starting to think about a long term strategy to generate a passive income for your retirement sooner rather than later is imperative. Additionally making additional contributions to your super can make all the difference.

Self Managed Super Funds and property.

Potential SMSF advantages depending on your current individual situation

  • Tailored tax management on investment income and capital gains
  • Assets class investment choice flexibility
  • The ability to manage or eliminate Capital Gains Tax (CGT).
  • The ability to combine 4 members resources in one fund to be able to attain assets you normally wouldn’t be able to afford.
  • Flexibility in establishing and managing pensions, including account based, transition to retirement and term allocated pensions
  • The ability to own real estate inside your fund
  • the ability to transfer personally owned listed shares, business real property and managed funds directly into your superannuation fund, and
  • For business owners – the ability to own ‘business real property’ in your superannuation fund, and rent it back to yourself using your tax deductible rent to increase you super balance whilst taking advantage of the capital gains as well.

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