Investing in property is a great way to diversify your portfolio, but it is also important to bear in mind that taking on the role of landlord is a big responsibility and can place significant demands on your time.

Part of a comprehensive investment strategy is ensuring you have a support team to help you with the day-to-day management of your portfolio giving you the ability to maximize your working week and personal time. From ensuring your rent is collected to maintenance issues and real Estate law let the Property Partners Management team help you protect your assets and interests.

Real estate law and tenant management

One daunting aspect of the real-estate market and tenanting your property is knowing how to negotiate situations that arise wand knowing where you stand when it comes to real-estate law. Landlord/Tennant laws can vary from state to state and it is easy to find yourself in a pinch unless you have a specific background in this area.  Enlisting the services of Property Partners can leave you with your time back and the confidence that your property is in the very best of hands.

Our experienced team will carry out fundamental services which include dealing with day-to-day tenant issues, rent ledger management, start and end of lease property inspections, bond management, fire alarm inspections and periodic inspections.

Finding and retaining great tenants

Ensuring your property’s occupancy level is as close to 100% is the main aim whilst ensuring suitable tenant inhabit your investment. Attracting and retaining great tenants is the greatest challenge when it comes to managing property. Doing your due diligence on your prospective tenant is all important to protecting the fabric of your property and safeguarding it against ill-treatment or inflated levels of wear and tear. Property Partners management undertake extensive checks on all applicants and have the tools to ensure your property is well looked after.